Thursday, October 04, 2007

Free Burma!

"May we be free of torture, may there be peace in hearts and minds as our kindness spreads around the world."

You may have heard about the peaceful protests led by Buddhist monks in Burma in recent weeks, in which monasteries were raided, many people were shot, and many more arrested. When the people of Burma last staged mass pro-democracy protests back in 1988, the military junta murdered thousands.

Free Burma!

Today is the International Bloggers' Day for Burma. You can learn more about it by clicking on the image above. They have a petition you can sign, and links to more information and online actions. Please note that clicking on the image above will take you to an "entry" page for the site with just one image on it. If you click on this image, it will take you inside the site.


more cows than people said...

hey sneaksleep, from your site and from another, i've tried clicking on the picture for more info and it takes me to a site that leads nowhere. It just says "Free Burma" and there are no links or anything.

Any clue what's up?

Sneaksleep said...

Thanks for asking, More Cows! I just added a note to my post about that link. It is indeed a little confusing to find such a "minimalist" opening page for the site, but clicking on the red box in the middle takes you to a page with more info.