Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Knitting? What's that?

Oh, you mean that thing where you wave around those pointy sticks and wiggle all that string? Riiiight. It's all coming back to me now...

Contrary to whatever impression recent posts may have left you with, I do still knit. No, I was not as prolific or speedy with my airplane knitting as I had deluded myself into thinking hoped I would be, but I have finished a few objects since my departure for India.

After all my agonizing over what WIPs to take with me to India, I only ended up finishing one thing:

The Live Dangerously Hat

I like it a lot, but despite the fact that the pattern's inventor says you don't need to swatch, there is still a point at which you have to figure out your gauge. Unfortunately, when I got to that point, I figured slightly wrong, and the hat ended up quite loose. It fits me very well when my hair's in a ponytail, though.

Next, we have the wristwarmers I finally knit for myself. Having knit so many pairs for other people (and I'm still not done filling all the orders), you might think I'd be sick of them. But while I may have committed the pattern to memory, I was excited by the thought of having my own pair, and this yarn was a pleasure to knit with:

Yarn thanks to my lovely Secret Pal. 70/30 Wool/Silk blend. Mmmmm.

No sooner had we arrived home from India, and I got a call from my mom that my cousin's baby had been born. For some reason I had thought the due date was in February, but I was wrong--she was on time, and she was in January. So even though I had been planning on doing a coordinated hat-bootie-blankie set, I decided speed was of the essence, and I whipped up this adapted version of the Umbilical Cord Hat:

Paige's baby hat

It was knit it Lion Brand Microspun, which, while brightly colored and easy to wash, is a pain to knit with, especially if all you have is bamboo. I actually went out and bought Addi Turbos just to end the torture of the acrylic squeaking and splitting on the bamboo dpns. Yes, I know I had vowed to boycott Lion Brand. Shut up. But doesn't Ben look cute in it?

Ben, the reluctant model

Finally, remember my adventures in crochet? Remember this?

Not yet done in this pic, but now it's finished!

Well, it's done. I stupidly forgot to take a picture of it, after trying to wrap it around one of the cats didn't work. But once I do take a proper photo, you can find it along with all my other 2006 FOs in my 2006 Finished Objects Album.

In other knitting news, I have made zero progress on the merino lace cardigan, but I have cast on for the merino lace shawl. I'm on row 10. Still 10 rows before I have to face my fear and tackle the lace chart. I'm also almost done with x-mas surprise #5, now that I finally have the yarn I need to finish it. And I've decided to participate in the Knitting Olympics. My entry will be Samus, in a teal color. I already have the yarn, and I'm hoping that knitting the cabled waist band counts as "swatching" according to Stephanie.

Also, as I'm sure you've read on many other blogs, there was a really fun gathering of knit bloggers at Claudia's place on Sunday. I drove up with Lauren, but I forgot my camera. Apparently some people are calling that camnesia, which could possibly be my new favorite word. Anyway, if you want pics, you'll have to visit a few of the many other blogs with posts about it. And yes, I'm sure I forgot to link to some of the wonderful people who were there. I'm sorry--there were over 40 people there, and I'd be coding all day if I tried to get everyone!

Las, but not least, my wonderful SP6 pal, Emily, sent me one last package (timed to arrive after my return), and it was huge! I haven't had time to take pictures of all the goodies yet, but the ones of the chocolate persuasion are nearly gone, so I'd better hurry up.


Zarzuela said...

Ben looks so cute in that hat! :) The train is continuing to be a pain in the ass, 15 min. late leaving New Haven this morning! Glad you are getting some serious knitting time in. Hope to see you this week!


Emily said...

Oh, I'm so happy you are mentionning the package, I was already scared it got lost in the mail! Hope you'll enjoy everything!


Stephanie said...

Love that hat, so very cute! Glad you didn't forget about knitting but I have loved your other stories!

goodkarma said...

The umbilical cord hat turned out really cute with those stripes!

Kristin said...

Hey Bryna - I've been having fun catching up on this past year of your life by reading your archived posts; I wish I had known you were such a great blogger! Well, now I'm tuned in and can't wait to keep reading! Love, Kristin

Deenz said...

*giggles at Ben's fashion statement*

Oh, and the shirt fits perfectly and I've already burned some of the incense (smells SO good)!!! Thank you so much!

Cari said...

I think the cat needs his own hat. He doesn't look unhappy with having to wear it. I think he's just angry, knowing he'll have to give it up.

Sorry I missed you guys at Claudia's. The NYC contingent decided it was just way too much of a trip for us for one day.