Saturday, December 10, 2005

Traveling companions

Here is my dilemma. I find myself looking down the barrel of 18+ hours of airplane travel, as well as about four layover hours, on my way to India. The same for the trip home, although for that I will at least have some company. Technically, knitting needles are not on the TSA's prohibited items list, but I have heard of them being confiscated anyway, especially metal ones. I plan to prepare for this by printing out the list (which clearly states that knitting and crochet needles are allowed), as well as making sure I have a couple of postage-paid self-addressed envelopes with me, so at least anything they confiscate won't be gone for good. But I don't know how tight security will be on the way home, or if I will have to go through any checkpoints in either of the layover cities. Also, I can't figure out exactly how much knitting I'll need.

Please help me decide what projects to take! Here are the options:

-Merino Lace Cardigan (on Addi Turbos--this is the only one of the options already started)
-Merino Lace Shawl (on aluminum circs)
-worsted weight wrist warmers for me (will probably be on bamboo circs)
-dk weight hat and scarf for me in the "fiesta" colorway of this yarn (needle type will depend on results of gauge test)
-worsted weight wrist warmers for Mishmish (could be on bamboo circs)
-worsted weight tea cozy (on aluminum circs)

I am thinking that it will make sense to have three projects total, or four max, if most of them are small. I don't want to be bored, but I do want to have plenty of room in my luggage for all the goodies I'll be buying when I'm there. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


Lauren said...

I'd definitely bring the Morehouse cardi because it won't take up much space and will provide hours and hours of 'entertainment.'

Zarzuela said...

I'm thinking anything on bamboo the xray machine won't even be able to see. And you might take the morehouse cardi just because of what Lauren said above since you have envelopes. I'd put in a lifeline just in case too.

Have an AMAZING trip!! You SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO deserve it!! :)

Tish said...

I would take the cardigan and the small projects. I'm tempted to say take it all, but I'm often surprised at how little knitting time I have besides travel on trips. I say don't worry about the hat and scarf because you still have to do a gauge test, and frankly you deserve to not be piling on more stuff on to your to do list beforeyou leave.

Emily said...

Hmm, I would take the lace for sure, but then on the other hand, the cardi would take some more of your time. Are you planning on buying any yarn there? As they seem to have some fine Silk there! Then you could take like an extra pattern, instead of a project, in case you finish something!

Have a good trip!

Emily (aka Rebecca, formerly known as WoolFairy, your SP6 :D)