Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Armpits, yay!

I know that armpits are not something most people celebrate, but you gotta understand. Remember how Sami, Zarzuela and I have all been going through increase hell on our respective Merino Lace Cardis? For, like, 20 billion 385 thousand years? Well for me (drumroll, please), it is finally over!! My sweater now has armpits. Witness:

Yes, I am fully aware that no one put a gun to my head
and forced me to knit this with laceweight yarn.

OK, so maybe it just looks like a wrinkly pile o' stockinette to you, but to me, it is a dream come true. I actually sat down and did the math. The longest row (well, actually, there were technically three longest rows) on this sweater contained 508 stitches. 508! No matter how you cut it, that's a ton of stitches. Makes the 272 stitches I'm doing in each row now (below the armpits) seem downright speedy.

Almost makes me believe I can finish the thing before I go to India next Monday. Or at least before I arrive. Right? Right?


Anonymous said...

Hi dear, I was just wondering, I've been really bad and haven't mailed out the package. :'( So sorry! I kept up gathering stuff, and well, couldn't mail it! I'm ready to mail it tomorrow (the box is stuffed) but I was wondering if it was responsable to send it to you when you are in India. It won't be arriving before you leave, so please let me know what to do. How long will you be gone, by the way? I hope you have a great time!

Please email me, as I want to mail out the box tomorrow! woolfairy@hotmail.com!


Kat with a K said...

Right! You can do it! Yay!

Lolly said...

India!? How fabulous! ;) Have a great trip!

Re the comment on my blog: I think a solkd Klaralund is a great idea, and I have considered making another one in a solid color - I saw some last year (when the Klaralund was on everyone's knit list) and the solid ones really looked good. You should try it - it is a fun sweater!

Doris said...

Hi Bryna! Got your last fabulous package today... I loved being your spoilee, I'm floored by your generosity... It's so nice to finally know who you are! Have a nice time in India.

Jenn said...

Can't wait to see that all finished! I'm sure it will look great!

medea said...

yay for you! At the VERY least, you'll be finishing it on the plane ride to india, ready to wear it on the hot southern hemishphere summer.

at least it's lace weight and not bulky homespun :D

Rachael said...

Have a wonderful trip!