Saturday, April 22, 2006

Heel pooling

I've gotten in quite a bit of good knitting time this week, especially on Wednesday when I hung out with Lauren, Joanne and Lauren's friend Stephanie (formerly of everyone's favorite yarn company) for an "unemployment pizza dinner" at a famous local pizza joint*. So between that and SnB, I'm nearly done with the heel flap on my first Jaywalker, and it looks like this:

The classic sl1, k1, repeat to end/sl1, p to end heel flap.

I don't mind the pooling too much, since it has happened on every single heel flap I've ever knit with variegated yarn. And this yarn is so soft (no nylon content at all) that I guess it's best to have a thicker fabric at the heel. However, I can't help but feel that on Jaywalker in particular, the pooling takes away a bit from the zigzag effect. I'm not going to rip back now, but I'd love to hear if anyone has suggestions for a good basic short row heel I can try on the next pair. Ideas?

*For New Haven pizza afficionados, I should note that we all agreed that we prefer various other places over Pepe's for pizza flavor and topping options. However, Pepe's does win on friendliness. If you have no idea why this deserves a footnote, you're obviously not from New Haven, and you should read up on The Great Debate.


Jenn said...

I think the pooling looks fine - I usually don't worry too much about the way my heel flaps look (but maybe that's because they always pool!). I wish I had some advice on short row heels for you - I tried one once but didn't like it, so I haven't gone back. Maybe for some footies this summer though. Good luck!

Joanne M said...

I'm a sock virgin - so no advice on short rows, unfortunately. In fact, I'm feeling like I've regressed completely in all my knitting know-how. I got my hands on some yummy llama wool yesterday and couldn't remember Lauren's cable pattern from the other day. I better start working soon or I fear all my executive functioning will shrivel away to nothing!