Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No more guilt

Got home too late last night to snap any decent shots of the new place, and I've been too busy studying Hindi (final exam tomorrow) and reading HP7 (warning: if you tell me anything about what happens in the book, I will hunt you down and hurt you with my knitting needles) to get any knitting done, much less take any photos of it. But dude, I just found these amazing pictures that have completely removed any possible guilt I might have felt about the size of my yarn stash.


brian said...

The largest burden I've had to carry recently was a big ol' bag of Harry Potter spoilers. I'm one of the awful internet people that got ahold of the book early (boo! hiss!) and stocked up on spoilers.

Unfortunately, I like everyone that I know that is reading the book, so I didn't get to spoil anything for anyone.


I feel like I have wasted a tremendous opportunity to be a gigantic jerk to thousands of people. For example:

(no spoilers, I promise)

I'm not sure why I regret missing a chance to be a gigantic jerk to thousands of people I don't know, but I can't shake it.

Lía said...

Mucha suerte en tu exámen!!

Sangeeta said...

I now feel justified in buying more yarn!!