Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A thousand splendid socks

Yeah, right. It'll be a long time before I knit 1000 socks. The yarn
and pattern on this one is quite splendid, though. It may not look
like I've made much progress since I last showed you Snickett
(especially since this is still the first sock), but I am actually not
far from the heel. If I can tear myself away from this
heartwrenchingly beautiful book long enough to do a few more rows
tonight, I'll be starting sock #2 by the weekend for sure. Now that
I've put that in writing, it's guaranteed not to happen, of course...


Sangeeta said...

is it terribly depressing?

Nice sock!

Lolita Blahnik said...

muy chulo tu calcetin, no tenia ni idea de que tus padres estuvieron viviendo en tenerife, que casualidad, yo soy de la "isla de enfrente" gran canaria...
besitos desde las islas

Zarzuela said...

Lookin' good!