Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tag! I'm it!

Thanks a lot, Zarzuela, for tagging me! Now I have to come up with 5 weird idiosyncrasies of mine that I care to share with the world. The world in this case being the approximately 10 people who I'm pretty sure regularly read my blog (so far). All of whom I know personally anyway. But hey, who am I to put a halt to a friendly game of cyber-tag? So here goes:

1. Ever since living with a night owl roommate my first two years of college, I find it easier to fall asleep if I have something covering my eyes. Even if the room is pitch black. I guess the feeling of something covering my eyelids is just comforting, I dunno.

2. With almost every sit-com, there comes a point for me where the characters are just being so foolish that I can't bear to watch, and I have to get up and pace around the room until the situation is resolved. This happens to me sometimes with drama shows too (in which case it's the authentic tension that gets to me), but most often with sit-coms. Taz always tries to hold my hand right before the point when he knows I'll want to get up, so that he can try and keep me in my seat, but it rarely works.

3. I don't really like peanuts (no matter what these people might think about that). However, I love peanut butter and other peanut flavored things. It's the exact opposite with other nuts. I love walnuts and pecans by themselves, but I hate them in brownies and other baked goods (aside from Angel Bars in the Joy of Cooking, which are the best dessert ever). One possible exception are pistachios, since I love both plain pistachios and pistachio ice cream (as well as all those Indian desserts made with pistachios).

4. Most people really hate all the messiest and dirtiest household chores. Not me. I'll wash dishes 'til the cows come home. I'll clean bathrooms all day long. But please please pleeeease don't make me vacuum or iron anything!!! Maybe it has something to do with the dirty tasks giving me a greater feeling of accomplishment?

5. I never tuck in my shirts. I can't stand the feeling of all that bulk in my pants (this is where Beavis and Butthead start going "Huh huh. She said..."). Not to mention that a tucked-in shirt makes me look like I'm all boobs from neck to waist. My mother firmly believes that there are some shirts that demand to be tucked in. I don't wear those shirts. Or if I do, I don't surrender to their demands.

OK, so there's probably a lot more weird stuff about me that those who comment on this post will undoubtedly share with everyone, but that's all I can think of for now. I guess I should only tag other people with blogs, so that kind of limits my choices. But I can still tag Mishmish, Eklectika, and Felty. Oh, the heck with it: even though they don't have blogs (or at least, I don't know the url's for them), I'm also going to tag Taz, Conker, Sakura, Jessie, and Bebe. Becuase I know you all have plenty of weirdness to share. :)


The one, the only, Yelena said...

I know what you mean about the sit-coms.

mishmish said...

well this will give me something great to procrastinate with tomorrow. and, yes, maybe i should rename my blog....

Zarzuela said...

I think your pretty normal from the looks of things. Then again I may not be the foremost authority on normal. ;)


Sami said...

I do the sitcom pacing, too. Often I have to get up and move around just from sitting still for the time between commercials. Isn't that what TV really is, anyway. Just time between commercials.