Friday, November 04, 2005

Be a good girl, now

Help those in need, early to bed and early to rise, don't eat too many sweets, and always swatch for even the simplest knitting projects. Then, if you're a really really really good girl, maybe you'll get what you want.*

Well, so far, this karma thing seems to be working. I started out the week by rededicating myself to the diet I started back in April. I've never followed it down to the letter, especially since I find a lot of their published recipes rather boring, but it did help me lose 20 lbs. in about four months, and I had recently hit a plateau. So it was time to get back on the bandwagon. Or the treadmill. Whatever. Anyway, that was the first "good girl" thing I did this week. I also got up at 4:45 AM two days in a row and all the other days by 5:20, which has me covered on the "early to rise" thing.

Then on Tuesday, when I was in fullblown stress-out mode because of all the difficulties surrounding Taz's visa validation situation, I had to run an errand. I was on my way to the post office, when I was stopped by a nice young man, dressed in a yellow shirt and carrying a clipboard. Alarm bells and sirens immediately went off in my head, but as I tried to sidestep him and look all businesslike, we made a split second of eye contact. Then I knew it was all over. "It's OK," I told myself, "he's probably just doing a survey for a shampoo company. This can't possibly take more than a minute or two." Ha. Next thing I know, I have signed up with his international charity to sponsor a little girl somewhere in the world for a monthly rate. This is something I always swore I wouldn't do. It's not that I don't care or don't want to help. I studied International Relations in grad school, and I work for a UN-affiliated NGO, for heaven's sake. It's not even that I don't have the money. I just got my grad school loans consolidated, and I am fully aware of the fact that I am among the most privileged people on earth. It's just that, working at a nonprofit, I'm keenly aware of the need for "unspecified funding" to cover expenses that may not be directly related to the mission of the organization, but that have to be taken care of if the organization is to remain in existence. But there you have it. He roped me in and hypnotized me, and now I'm waiting to find out the name and location of my sponsoree child like it's the frickin' Night Before Christmas. Call me a sucker if you want, but there is no doubt in my mind that my little moment of weakness helped generate some much-needed good karma.

Because the next day, after I was exhausted from walking 80 blocks and getting crapped on by a pigeon and worrying all day that Taz would end up getting stuck in India if he even went at all, he called me. He told me that the US consulate in Bombay had finally responded to his e-mail, and that there is apparently a provision for "people already working in the US" and who are going to "need to return to their jobs" to obtain an emergency appointment at the consulate, even though there are no open slots. I told him to print out that e-mail so he can show it to them when he goes. And then I nearly wept from relief.

Far be it from me, however, to rest on my laurels. Or my good karma. I won't breathe easy until he has the appointment confirmation number in his hands. Meanwhile, it looks like I'll have to stay on my best behavior for a little while longer. Hence this:

Test swatch of 2x2 ribbing and stockinette in
the gray tweed alpaca I won from Give a Little.

I finished up x-mas surprise #3 last night, and immediately began the swatch for #4. I even managed to get some hand and wrist measurements this morning for the recipient, so this evening on the train I can get going on the project itself. Now as long as someone's chocolate craving isn't contagious, I ought to be good. Toes crossed! (You need your fingers to knit, duh.)

*Though even if you don't you shouldn't complain, because goodness is its own reward.


Zarzuela said...

My my my you have been a good girl! :) Like the template redo too. ;) Have a great weekend!

Jenn said...

I'm so glad that Taz's visa thing seems to be working out! What a stressor.... save some chocolate for me!

Tish said...

You rock senorita! I'm so glad things seem to b working out. I also like the blue, it brings out the blueness of the delicious(I hope) snowcone in your picture. Way to go.

medea said...

weee. i like the new zen look. Makes me feel like staring up to the sky and finding shapes among the clouds.

Visa situations are the worst. I hope it all works out!

Stephanie said...

Well, since you are being so good, I'll slack off a little bit! I'm glad the visa stuff is working out. I would like to tell you I would have avoided the clipboard guy, but I too would make that 1/2 second eye contact and would be signing up as well! I'm sure you will be helping someone special!

Jen said...

Congratulations to you and Taz! It must have been quite a stressful process!

Hey, can you come over and look at my blog? I tried to implement the cool knit calculators but the format is screwing up. Any tech support you could give would be appreciated, especially since you are stocking up the good karma! ;)

Lia said...

Vaya! estamos las dos de encanta como ha quedado tu blog!!
y suerte con la burocracia...

Kat with a K said...

Just discovered you through Lauren's blog... I'm glad the visa situation is looking up.

I have to ask: what yarn company boycott?

stitchnsnitch said...

LOVE your Give a Little gray tweed alpaca!! Beautiful.