Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm a dork

Why am I a dork? Well, first and foremost because I am a very forgetful and flaky person sometimes. I finally figured out where those lovely gifts came from, since they were NOT from the Woolfairy (see yesterday's comments). It had completely slipped my mind that I won a prize from the Give a Little contest! The yarn was from Elizabeth, and the stitch markers were from Folkcat. So thanks to both of them for donating prizes to the contest, and thanks to Margene and Susan for organizing it in the first place.

The second reason I'm a dork is because even though I was telling you yesterday about some pain and stiffness in my arm and hand, I decided to knit all the way home last night. After having that massage cancelled on me at the last minute. By the time I went to bed, my wrist was really hurting, and I had made a very hard decision: I left my knitting at home today. And on my way to work, I stopped by the drugstore and bought this:

Between the mouse and the knitting, I guess my wrist is just demanding a break and some extra support. I must obey, or I won't be able to get back to my holiday knitting, and I just know time will fly extra fast between now and December. Yeah, I'm almost done with one project, but that still leaves four more to go, minimum. You just watch me, though, I'll get it done! So what did I do with my train time this morning, if I had no knitting? This might give you an idea:

Last night when I got home, Taz handed me two books he had picked up. Chick lit books! I started reading this one on the way in this morning, thinking I would read the first few pages and then take a nap. But I actually stayed awake and read several chapters. It's fun so far. There might not be a Nobel Prize in her future, but I'm enjoying myself.

Oh, and one last thing: check out this article about our local SnB group!


Jen said...

You're welcome, Sneaksleep! I hope you enjoy the stitch markers as much as I enjoyed making them!

Lia said...

Pobre! cuídate esa muñeca, espero que te recuperes pronto ;)

claudia said...

That brace is hurting me just looking at it.

Take care.

margene said...

This site helps me knit and stay healthy.
Be well!