Monday, October 03, 2005

Bad apples, fun times, good news

When I say "bad apples," I'm not talking about a bunch of bratty kids or young hoodlums. In fact, I actually mean bad apples. Red Delicious to be exact. A more inaccurately named apple cannot exist. Red? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely not. I have never liked them. I will admit, they're pretty to look at:

However, I don't eat them. To me, they are bland and have a bitter aftertaste. Why all this ranting? Becuase Taz and I decided to go apple picking on Sunday, and rather than going to the same orchard we went to last time, we thought we'd try a smaller, closer one. Big mistake. It was swarming with people, and they had a really narrow selection of apple types. There were about 70% Red Delicious, with a few trees each of McIntosh, Gala, and McCoum. All of those last three can be very good, but in this case they were either scarce, underripe, or uncharacteristically mealy. In the end, we returned our paper bag to the counter and left empty-handed. Taz, who understandably didn't want me to take my frustration out on him, gently suggested that we go to the supermarket and buy some Granny Smiths so that I can still make an apple crisp while he's home this week. Always practical, with his eye on the prize. One of the many many reasons I love him so much.

This brings me to the many reasons my weekend was so great. First of all: Taz. Not only is he a wonderful man who loves me and knows all kinds of random things about me that no one is supposed to notice, but he is also a man who will be home all week this week! He will cook yummy spicy food for us. I will get to snuggle next to him as I drift off to sleep every night. Hungry cats will not be the only ones to greet me when I get home from work. And I will get to start each day with the sight of his warm (if sleepy) smile. Since I normally only get to see him Friday through Sunday, this is a real gift, and I plan to treasure every moment of it.

The other thing that usually happens when Taz and I are apart all week is that I don't see much of my friends on the weekends. I certainly never want to be one of those people who totally ditches their friends whenever they are in a romantic relationship (causing pain and confusion like Medea describes in this post in Spanish). And during the week, when Taz is away, I would like think that I am quite sociable--at least as sociable as my long commute allows. Still, most Saturday afternoons find me enjoying my limited time with Taz. But Sami invited me over for tea this Saturday and I didn't think twice. And I'm so glad I went, because it was a really enjoyable, relaxing afternoon, and I hadn't seen her in a long time. She went a little overboard with the treats (especially the baked goods), but I managed to pause from stuffing my face long enough to chat with her about all kinds of things and to make significant progress on x-mas surprise #2. (Sorry, no more pics for that one until after it's been gifted). She even helped me figure out about my nose ring situation. Talk about a good friend!

And, as a matter of fact, talking about another good friend, a big Congratulations to Zarzuela for landing a wonderful new job! She can tell you about the details on her blog if she wants, but suffice to say, it looks like I might have a commuting buddy. But train company aside, I am just super happy for her. She has worked hard toward this, and she really deserves it. Rock on!

As if all this love, fun, and good news weren't enough to make my weekend awesome, it was also the weekend when the first legal same-sex civil unions took place in Connecticut. OK, so it's not marriage, but I'm still ridiculously happy about it. I mean, my state is the first state in the country to have civil unions initiated and approved by the legislature rather than the courts! No one can go off and rant about "activist judges" on this one. It might not afford couples federal rights like green cards for non-citizen partners and so forth (you don't want to get me started on that issue), but at least it guarantees people a whole bunch of rights they didn't have before. I realize there are some people who might say that it's not enough, that the rights not covered by this law are just as important. And I agree wholeheartedly. But I still say something is better than nothing.


Lauren said...

Yay for Jessica! I'm waiting to hear which job. That will be so cute if y'all knit on metro-north every day.

Jenn said...

Oooh, apple pie! The Man made me one last week (with much coercing, of course!). It was delightful.

Tish said...

I also dislike the red delicious apple.
And I would also be really proud of my state, that's a big and great step.

Marla said...

Another disliker of red delicious apples here. The problem is they are the only apples my husband will eat. It's not easy in our home.

medea said...

i guess if they didn't have the word "delicious" in their name, people might notice that they're not tasty at all.

I prefer small sour apples, with a tart tangy taste and a lot of crunch. Red delicious? for decorating purposes only :)

Deenz said...

Red delicious are okay, but my all-time favorites have to be Gala and Pink Lady apples...mmmm!

Sami said...

I call the red de-mush-ous apples because of that mealy, mushy flesh. Blickkk.