Thursday, October 20, 2005


OK, I'll be honest about it. I haven't made lots of progress on x-mas surprise #1 in the past few days. I'm not yet done with the book I'm reading, so I'm not ready to let you know what I think of it. I don't even have a lot of pictures to provide you with visual distraction. But I do have needs, at least according to Google. This is a meme that I've seen on several different blogs. You just google "[your name] needs," and pick your ten (or so) favorite hits. There weren't many hits for Sneaksleep, so I had to go with Bryna instead. So, apparently, Bryna needs:

To create miracles amidst the pain
A workout
To guard the back door
To be updated
To sell out and work for the Man
Transportation solutions
To know there is a plan
A scooter
To find her personal tipping point
To stay cool under all the protective gear
To make him think more
A janitor
Some action

Only a couple of those are totally off the mark, actually. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which ones.

And now, in case that didn't distract you enough, a word from their royal highnesses Ben and Ivy:

"The only reason we're not locked in a deathgrip
with each other is because we're sick of coughing
up each other's hairballs. And this sweater smells
like a prey animal. And we want you to think we're
cute and feed us greenies."

Picture courtesy of male cat staffperson Taz. Foot courtesy of female cat staffperson me. Just be glad I posted this version of the picture, and not the one that shows my big behind whole leg (Taz took this while I was sleeping like a log).

What? You still want knitting and spinning and book content? Too bad. No soup for you! Or yarn. Whatever. SnB's not til tonight, kids. So hold your horses. Or your llama (duck). More fiber and letters soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi sweety, just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY posted that first package for you today! :D Told you I wouldn't forget about you! Things are finally slowing down over here, and I have a ton of ideas to pamper you, so expect much more in the near future!

Hope you get it soon, and hope you like it!!

WoolFairy (SP6)

Sneaksleep said...

Thanks! I'll e-mail you when I get it, so you won't worry. I'm sure I'll love it! :)

Tish said...

I'm guessing you don't need a scooter? Or maybe you don't need to sell out and work for the man.

Jenn said...

Mine likes to take pictures of me asleep with the animals. He's so clever....