Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Today's theme is cuteness. A colleague is pregnant, and I just found out we're having a surprise baby shower for her at work in two weeks. Gifts aren't required, but I do actually collaborate with this woman quite a bit, and I'd like to show my appreciation by knitting something small for the baby. This is pretty much the only yarn I have to work with:

Lion Brand Microspun. Soft. Machine Washable.
Bright. (Not quite as blinding as it appears here, though)

I know I could go out and buy something else, but I really want to use this up, and I like bright non-pastel colors for babies anyway. So, what to make? I've done plenty of Umbilical Cord Hats, so that would be a simple option. But would it take longer than doing booties? If I do booties, what pattern should I use? I'd like to be able to use both colors, so perhaps opposite color booties with contrasting i-cords? Or is that too wacky? Help! Please! Advice!

Oh yeah, and I will also have to finish Grandma M's socks in that time, if not sooner (yes I have made progress, no I don't have a picture). And I can't necessarily count on getting time to knit every day.

ETA: I should also mention that I don't have any additional yardage of this yarn beyond what you see in the photo. That means baby blankets are out, alas.

The other part of the cuteness theme for today is simply a cuddly greeting from Ivy and Ben, who normally only get this close when they are trying to kill each other:

No, I am not above using gratuitous cat cuteness to get you to love me.


Zarzuela said...

Ivy and Ben are very cute as always! :) Do you think you could make a small blanket with what you have? You could do stripes every other row or something. I don't really know the yardage for that stuff though. Otherwise I think the booties would be a cute idea.


Anonymous said...

i vote for booties and hat.. booties can have different color cuffs and soles.. like these maybe.. and ivy and ben are choo sweet :)

Jen said...

Howzabout a stuffed bear? I did the elephant from "last minute knitted gifts" it was darlin'!

Cathi said...

You could definitely do the kitty pattern from Knitty, I think it was last winter? I liked Jen's idea, and I also am a total sucker for the looong stocking caps- you can start with a cast on that you would use for a regular baby hat, maybe do some ribbing, and then work until most of the head is done and then just start decreasing. I know it probably makes me sound like an old lady, but I just love those long hats on wee ones.

jennsquared said...

I also like the ideas of booties and hats :) You can combine the two colors and that should give you enough yardage for both.

Ben and Ivy are very cute. And yes, I know all about our fury babies trying to be cute and get us to pay attention to them...

Ginny said...

I second (or third?) the booties and hat idea. The Stitch DC owner is pregnant, and she said she is using the bootie pattern from "Simple Knits for Cherished Kids" to turn out a bootie in just 1/2 hour.

There's also a great top down, ear flap hat pattern on The Knitting Fiend's web site.

Cari said...

I'd go with a hat. I don't actually find booties very useful... Socks, yes. Booties not so much.