Friday, September 22, 2006

A little red goes a long way

I'm finally almost done with Grandma M's socks, but I don't have a progress picture for you yet. What I really wanted to talk about today is this great new charity project I just found out about: the Red Scarf Project.

The Red Scarf Project, an initiative of the Orphan Foundation of America, helps college-age kids who have aged out of foster care by sending them a Valentine's Day care package that includes a red scarf to keep them feeling warm and cozy and loved.

What I love about scarves is that they give me total freedom as a knitter. As long as the finished product is basically in the shape of a very long rectangle, I can do pretty much whatever I want to get it to that point. Scarves are the perfect way to experiment with new yarn or new stitch patterns. It also just so happens that I have a cardigan I plan to knit with red yarn sometime this fall. Even if I don't have enough left over to make a whole scarf, I can combine it with some other red yarn and make good use of my leftovers for once.

So go visit Norma's page, grab some needles and some red yarn, and let your imagination take flight!


Cathi said...

Thank you for posting about this- I am really wanting to do this, even though I don't know if I even have any red yarn. Such a cool idea.

Pilar said...

Gracias por la informacion cariño, empezaré a buscar :)

Suess said...

Sounds if I ever would get my knitting out again that's something that would be fun to do! Sounds like you are settling in nicely, was good to hear from is hard to post isn't it...darn jobs just get in the way:-)

jennsquared said...

I heard about it at Knit Out and we got some flyer back and brought it to SnB. I have so many gift knitting to do I probably won't be able to get to it till later, but I also love the idea of this! And I have red yarn!!! :) I'm thinking of doing a new stitch pattern from my calendar :)