Saturday, September 30, 2006

Slippery When Wet

Things that I have learned are slippery when wet:

1. Mossy rocks
2. Fish
3. Noodles
4. Bon Jovi
5. Washington DC Metro escalators

How do I know that last one? I'll give you one guess. The other night it was raining, and I was in a hurry because I didn't want to miss the last metro train that would allow me to make my bus connection to get home at a reasonable hour. I hadn't expected it to rain, so I didn't have an umbrella. I was wearing white pants and suede shoes. I was soaking wet from having walked several blocks to get to the metro, and I was really looking forward to sitting in a warm, dry train for a little while. So I start jogging down the escalator steps at Foggy Bottom, and the next thing I know, not only are my feet no longer under me, but I've managed to skid down about 10 escalator steps. No damage to my clothing, but you should see the bruises! I'll spare you a picture of that. (Unlike some people). Anyway, it still really hurts, and I have decided that from now on, it's definitely better to get home half an hour later than to be black and blue for weeks.

Hopefully next post I'll have pictures for you of the finished socks on Grandma M's feet. That is of course assuming I finish them today. I have about 2 hours (max) to finish them starting now, and about 2 inches to go. On size zeros. Yes. Taz will be driving when we go down to see the grandparents today, even though I had promised him I would drive. OK, time to go. I must knit like the wind.


Ginny said...

OH NO! I hope you're okay.

I'm going to try to be at SnB this next Wednesday, provided the kiddo doesn't come down with another fever.

Can't wait to see the finished Grandma Socks.

Jenn said...

Ouch! Good luck on the socks!

jennsquared said...

Go socks go!

I've done the same thing on a set of stairs... It wasn't raining though, someone spell water and didn't clean them up!!!

Zarzuela said...

Eeep! That does not sound fun. Hope you heal fast!


Cristina said...

maaaan sorry to hear about that!! that must have been SOOOO PAINFUL. to to mention that wet white pants and possibly ruined suede shoes. I bet your dry warm bed was compfier then ever that night!
can't wait to see the finished socks.

jessie said...

I just chanced to hit on your blog from Claudia's Blog, and wanted to say I remember the Foggy Bottom metro station. My mom used to live on Washington Circle and as a kid I took the metro all the time when in D.C.

Sorry you had to fall down them.