Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Three generations

Over the weekend, we drove down to Charlottesville to visit my grandparents. They are 92 and 93, and I regret to say that I hadn't seen them in over two years. I was really happy to be able to make the trip now, and for them to meet my wonderful husband. My mom and brother were there too, and we all enjoyed a quiet afternoon of looking at pictures and chatting. Taz, my mom, and C put together a nice light dinner for all of us. I didn't help because I was still knitting madly away on Grandma's sock. It was down to the wire, but I did manage to finish it before we left:

Toe-up, using PGR's short-row technique. Cuff is 2x2 ribbing, and top
border is a few rows of 1x1 ribbing, with some stockinette and a couple
rows of eyelets in between.

Grandma was very emotional when I gave them to her, and she immediately put them on. She remarked that she used to knit socks once, and then Mom observed that life comes full circle. Grandma was the one who taught my mom to knit, and Mom was the one who taught me to knit, and now I was giving knitted socks to Grandma. So Taz asked us to pose for a Three Generations of Knitters picture:

Me, Grandma, Mom, and Grandma's sock.

It was really a perfect visit. And on the way home, Taz nearly made me cry when he said that he had really enjoyed meeting them and helping to brighten their day a little, and that anytime I want to go down to see them, he'd love to come along. Even though they're in relatively good health for their age, they're definitely getting on in years, and no one knows how much longer we'll be able to share moments with them like this past Saturday afternoon, so it really meant a lot to me to know that Taz understands that. I am so lucky.

Next in knitting: finishing at least one of the two cardigans I have on the needles, finishing my Jaywalkers, making some progress on Hanging Vines (so much for the Amazing Lace) and casting on for socks for Taz. Any suggestions for a manly pattern stitch to make the charcoal gray yarn more interesting to work with? That means no cables, lace, or eyelets of any kind. Don't ask me why cables on socks aren't manly, I just know that if I put cables on these socks, they won't be worn very much. Maybe it's the bulkiness?


FemiKnitMafia said...

So cute! I love that photo. Grandma looks delighted with her socks. Well done!

jennsquared said...

Grandma's socks look awesome! I really like it! I'll have to try toe up socks sometimes! As for manly socks, I really like Thuja from Knitty. I made that for myself, but it was designed for men!

Cathi said...

This just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy- thank you, Bryna.

Jenn said...

Great moment there with grandma and the sock! I'm so glad you were able to get them done. For Taz's socks I'd suggest a ribbed pattern - that's about as manly as I think hubbo would let me get!

Zarzuela said...

That's so sweet! Great pic of the three of you!

As for the socks, you might try the Blueberry Waffle pattern. You know who approved of that one and at least it breaks up the monotony a little.


desiknitter said...

How sweet! I'm glad your gramma loved the socks, they're a lovely colour.

Sharana said...

Aww your grandmom's adorable! I love the colour of the socks... Good stuff BKS, good stuff. :)

The picture and the full circle thing was such an Oprah moment...sorry, I'm a little obsessed! lol

When are you coming here, woman? Please kick your husband for me. Thank you very much. Reasons will not be specified.

Robin said...

Great picture of the three of you! I'm sure your grandmother was extra special pleased that you made the socks for her!!!

Kristin said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much for all your love and support - this next month/so is going to be hard, but I'm glad I've gotten to reconnect with you and I definitely want to see that husband of yours soon too! Love from Cali!