Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cut the red tape!

I got this from a friend's blog, and I feel obligated to pass on the information to anyone who happens to read mine. Lots of people (including me) have real problems with the governmental red tape that is happening in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, and the Red Cross is, sadly, stuck in the middle of it. The organizations below have people in the community and the artist that complied the list took the time to confirm that their resources really are going to those in need. Please pass this list on to other blogs and friends!

Compiled by hip-hop artist Kevin Powell:
Monetary donations can be sent to these outlets, which we have confirmed are REALLY delivering services to folks in need........ Relief Fund
PO Box 803209
Dallas, TX 75240
OR you can make an online donation by going
This fund has been set up by nationally syndicated radio personality TOM JOYNER

NAACP Disaster Relief Efforts
The NAACP is setting up command centers in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama as part of its disaster relief efforts. NAACP units across the nation have begun collecting resources that will be placed on trucks and sent directly into the disaster areas. Also, the NAACP has established a disaster relief fund to accept monetary donations to aid in the relief effort.

Checks can be sent to the NAACP payable to NAACP Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund
4805 Mt. Hope Drive
Baltimore, MD 21215
Donations can also be made online

FYI, the NAACP, founded in 1909, is America's oldest civil rights organization.
Set up by native New Orleans rapper Master P and his wife Sonya Miller

You can mail or ship non-perishable items to these following locations, which we have confirmed are REALLY delivering services to folks in need....

Center for LIFE Outreach Center
121 Saint Landry StreetLafayette, LA 70506
atten.: Minister Pamela Robinson

Mohammad Mosque
652600 Plank Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70805
atten.: Minister Andrew Muhammad

Lewis Temple CME Church
272 Medgar Evers Street
Grambling, LA 71245
atten.: Rev. Dr. Ricky Helton

St. Luke Community United Methodist Church
c/o Hurricane Katrina Victims
5710 East R.L. Thornton Freeway
Dallas, TX 75223
atten.: Pastor Tom Waitschies

S.H.A.P.E. Community Center
3815 Live Oak
Houston, Texas 77004
atten.: Deloyd Parker

Alternative media outlets where you can get a more accurate and balanced presentation of the New Orleans catastrophe....

PLEASE VISIT all these websites.

Five things you can do to help immediately:

1. Duplicate what we are doing elsewhere in New York City, in your city ortown, on your college campus, at your church, synagogue, mosque, or otherreligious institution, via your fraternity or sorority, or via your local civic or social organization.

2. Cut and paste the information in this eblast about Items needed by survivors of the New Orleans catastrophe:* Monetary donations* Where you can ship non-perishable items* Alternative media outlets* Five things you can do to help immediately and share this information, as a ONE SHEET, with folks near and far, via e-mail, or as a hand-out at your event, religious institution, and with your civic or social organization.

3. Voice your opinion to local and national media, and to elected officials, via letter, e-mail, op-ed article, or phone call, regarding the coverage of the New Orleans catastrophe, as well as your reaction to the federal government's ongoing handling of the situation.

4. Ask the hotel you frequent, such as the Marriott or Holiday Inn, to give your hotel points to an individual or family in need of a stay for a night, a few nights, or longer, depending on how many points you have. Be sure to get confirmation that your points have been applied in that way. Encourage others to do the same. Also inquire if your airline Frequent Flyer mileage can be used for hotel stays as well. Finally, either offer to pay for hotel rooms, or encourage others to do so, including your place of employment or worship or your organization.

5. Dare to care about other human beings, no matter their race, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, geography, culture, clothing, hairstyle, or accent or language. Like September 11th, the New Orleanscatastrophe is a harsh reminder that all life is precious, as is each day wehave on this earth.

AND REMEMBER that our attention and response to the New Orleans catastropheneeds to happen in three stages...DISASTER, RECOVERY, and REBUILDING. We need you for all three stages.

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