Thursday, September 08, 2005

Knitty knitty bo bitty

Yay! The fall issue of knitty is up, and it has several patterns I actually want to make. Now, I'm not trying to be a total copycat of Lauren, who already posted her opinion on each pattern (I swear, I thought of this before I read her blog today), but I still feel compelled to say a little something about them all:

Arisaig: I love the backstory on this one, but it doesn't look like it would work on me, because of the way the two different textures emphasize the bust area. Love the colors, though.

Samus: Love it. Will probably make it. Though I am a little worried it will be too short if I follow the pattern exactly, but that is easily remedied.

Cinxia: Nice stitch, but the shape would look horrible on me. I'd knit it for someone else, though.

Josephine: I like it, but would probably make it in a darker color. Also, I can't decide how I feel about the neckline. I might try to scale that back a bit. I can't tell if this has a zipper or buttons. If it doesn't have either, I would definitely want to add some kind of closure(s).

Blackberry: This would look great on a very petite, small-busted person. In other words, not me.

Revolution: I like it. A lot. It looks like that stitch pattern would make for slow going, but nevertheless I feel a new project coming on...

Lacey: Love the lace pattern, don't mind the color, just so not a shrug person. But again, I might make it for someone else, as long as they would look good in it (I wouldn't want to make something for someone and then have them think they looked bad in it, and blame it on me, when really it was just because they didn't know what types of clothes work well on their body, ya know?)

Leaves in relief: Looks like it would be interesting to knit. But I don't think I'll be adding it to my list.

Bloom: Very pretty. When I can afford the yarn, I'll probably make it. It looks like an addictive project, in fact. So if I suddenly discover a free supply of Noro, I might begin cranking them out like crazy. But more likely, I'll only get my hands on enough to make just one (if I'm lucky). I would just hope that it doesn't resemble a poncho too much when it's done.

Ella: Looking forward to it. I like the v-shape--a nice compromise between the triangle shawl (which I often find to be lacking in the arm-covering department) and the rectangular one (which I guess could be a little boring).

Flora: Not quite my style, but I can see myself knitting lots of these as gifts.

Hipster: My mom loves fanny packs, so this could be the holiday gift solution I've been searching for for her (shhh!)

Falling leaves: Nice, but for some reason most lace socks look the same to me, regardless of the pattern (that's nothing against the designer, though--it's just me, I think). So if I made these, it would be because of the free pattern more than the originality.

Bubby: If I can keep myself from getting scared of all the tight corners and little details, I am sooo making him (and not just for the babies I know).

Edgar: Meh. I might make the longer version. But I'm just not on a big scarf kick right now.

Astrodome: When I first saw the name of the pattern, I thought it was a charity project for the Katrina relief effort. Oh well. I haven't gotten on the fair isle band wagon yet, so this pattern doesn't excite me much. But I'd make it for someone else, as long as they requested different colors than the ones shown.

I promise an update on my own works in progress very soon (i.e., once there are developments worthy of reporting). And I apologize in advance for the bad photos, but one can only ask so much of a camera phone. I sure wish at least one of the two good digital cameras at home were working...

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