Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Taz sometimes refers to me (jokingly, I presume) as a knitaholic. But I am starting to think there might actually be some truth to that. Despite the fact that I currently have three projects actually on the needles, five others that have to be completed by early December, and at least three more than I have been planning on starting as soon as I'm done with the holiday knitting (yes, that's a total of 11), guess what I just did? Yup, that's right, I went online and bought two more patterns. The only reason I didn't buy the yarn (check out "Violets" and "Mallard") to go with the first one of them is because it would have totaled about $150, not counting shipping, and that feels a little self-indulgent right now, especially when I'm so far away from being allowed having time to start it. Who is to blame for this pattern buying? Well, it's obviously me and my addiction Margene! I mean, if you saw a photo shoot like this, wouldn't you go out and buy the pattern too? Wouldn't you???

In the interests of bringing myself one FO closer to permitting self-indulgence, I cast on last night for Liz's wrist warmers. They're going to be a little different than the ones I made for Jessie. First, they're a different color (as you can see) and they're acrylic, second, they're going to go all the way to her elbow, and finally, she's not really into ribbing, so after the wrist, they're going to be stockinette all the way to the end. Hope they'll still be stretchy enough to fit well. I'm knitting these on aluminum circular needles, and they're going soooo much faster than the alpaca on the bamboo. I mean, I love the all-natural stuff, but sometimes you've got to opt for speed instead. Next post: book-related content, too!


Zarzuela said...

Pretty patterns. Yes, I would say you are an addict. Just remember, there are worse addictions! ;)

Sami said...

I love the hanging vines pattern! I've been working on a JES pattern myself, the "elegantly simple" baby blanket. She does great things with traditional lace motifs and her patterns are comprehensible. So what if you've got things to look forward to in your knitting. That's part of the joy of FOs... knowing you get to do something new!

margene said...

There are great enablers all over Blogland. How do you think I found the pattern? ;-)