Friday, September 02, 2005

How to Help!!!

We've been reading all week about people dying and starving and drowning and losing everything to Katrina. After watching the news all day and seeing the devastation, it's easy to become a little numb. But before that happens, if you haven't done something yet, now's the time.

So what can you do to help those suffering in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina? Well, for starters, you can donate to the Red Cross:

While you're there, check to see if there's a place near you to donate blood, especially if your blood type is O+, which is the most in demand. And then you can join other knitters in helping with Margene and Susan's effort by letting them know you've donated--just send an e-mail to e-mail givealittle AT gmail DOT com. If you want to see how much has been achieved by caring knitters across the country and find out what else you can do (like knitting prizes to help raise money), visit Give a Little.

If you have a blog or webpage of your own, please save the image above and use it to link to the red cross site yourself. The more times people see this button, the greater the chance they will eventually click on it and donate.

Finally, if you live in the New Haven, CT area, please collect items (clothes, food, medical supplies) to donate to the relief effort and take them to your local Fire Station. The Fire Stations will accept donations from 8AM to 6PM beginning immediately and continuing until further notice.

The 10 stations are:

Central Station - 952 Grand Ave.
Engine 5 - 826 Woodward Ave.
Engine 6 - 125 Goffe St.
Engine 8 - 350 Whitney Ave.
Engine 9 - 120 Ellsworth Ave.
Engine 10 - 412 Lombard St.
Engine 11 - 525 Howard Ave.
Engine 15 - 105 Fountain St.
Engine 16 - 510 Lighthouse Rd.
Engine 17 - 73 East Grand Ave.

All this takes so little time, but it makes such a big difference to people in a desperate situation. It's the very least any of us can do!

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Lauren said...

Thanks for the info about the fire station donations!