Thursday, September 22, 2005

Decisions, decisions...

Here's the dilemma: I have to choose between two different types of yarn in my stash to make something with. But that something is one of the x-mas surprises (which may or may not be shaped like the progress indicator in the sidebar suggests), so I can't tell you what the object will be or who it's for. So you'll just have to give me your reactions based on color alone:

DK weight charcoal-black with bright tweed bits

Near-Bulky weight two-ply brownish gray and light blue

Both yarns are wool, and both are about equally scratchy (how much do you think fabric softener will help with that?). I would double up the DK to knit it like a bulky yarn. The stitch pattern will either be stockinette or 2x2 ribbing. Yes, I know that these aren't the best pictures to work with when trying to help me make a decision, but you'll have to complain to my real camera about that. My poor phone is just doing the best it can. Any and all feedback very appreciated! And if you're a knitter, I'll even give you some (or all) of the leftover yarn, if you like. (Yes, I realize that was a totally blatant attempt to rid myself of some of my stash).

I know I promised book-related content in this post, so here goes, though to be honest I have done a lot more knitting than reading this week. This morning on the train, though, I got stalled on Liz's wrist warmers, so I picked up The Joy of Knitting, which Taz gave me a little while ago (Thanks!). It's a fast read, and so far I'd give it mixed reviews. One moment, she sounds almost as feminist as the intro to this book, the next she's writing as if all knitters are women with husbands and babies, and the next she's all business and practical advice on choosing yarn. That makes the book a little hard to follow, but I did learn a few new things in the chapter on fiber. There are also some good poems quoted in it, and it's given me food for thought regarding why I love knitting so much. So I don't know if it's a book for everyone, but I'm still glad I have it. And hey, there's a pattern at the end of every chapter, so I'll definitely be using it for some of those!

Meanwhile, I get more and more excited each day about our December trip to here:

Map Courtesy of Lonely Planet

Actually, we'll also be going to Bangalore and seeing some other amazing sights in other parts of India. Mostly, I'm just happy to be going at all, and it's even better that I'll be going there with the one I love, and getting to spend time with his wonderful family as well. Sigh... I'm SOO lucky!

ETA: I just found out about a terrible accident today at my alma mater. For more details, read Cate's post.


Tish said...

As groovy as the grey and blue yarn is I think the tweedy yarn would be best for a gift. People always seem to be so enamored with the little specks and slubs, like you put them in there yourself with magic. Perhaps that fascination makes the gift more special for them.

Zarzuela said...

I say go with the bulky rather than dealing with holding two strands together. A nice Eucalan bath might help soften them up too. I wouldn't use fabric softener since that would probably require more agitation then you'd want to risk. See you later! :)

Lee Ann said...

Actually, Cate works at MHC...which is my alma mater. Although she might also work for Smith, but I would think that would be conflict of interest...or at least a bit bizarre ;-)

The accident sounded horrible. And to be there to see the aftermath...I couldn't work or think either. Poor Cate.

Jenn said...

I like the tweed - it looks purty!

austin said...

I wish your trip to India be the best.

by the way I still haven't figured out who left the comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi dear! It's your secret pal! I'm sorry I haven't contacted you again, my life has been a bit hectic, but I will be writing you a longer email over the weekend! I am reading your blog though. Seems like you'll be making a super duper trip! I can't imagine the lace yarn you'll be able to drool over! :D